Orchard Supply Hardware Campaign


The goal for this new branding campaign was to create messaging that genuinely conveyed the idea that ORCHARD Supply Hardware is literally a part of the fabric of California neighborhoods—with 89 stores throughout the state, and the introduction of two new stores in Portland, Oregon… positioning ORCHARD as the perfect next-door neighbor seemed like an absolute no-brainer. What we ended up with is a campaign that is wonderfully authentic to the ORCHARD experience; better still… the response has been off the charts.

The spots were created in a San Diego neighborhood… where we built a slightly smaller scaled storefront with real working doors and lighting, so that it looked like there was an actual store in a real neighborhood. Director Matt Hodgson and I both felt that building a set in a real neighborhood would enhance that reality, so there was no real VFX added to complete this illusion. This approach allowed us to move freely within the context of the neighborhood and literally place the store in the background of any set up out in front or across the street… while also allowing the actors to interact more organically with a real set.


I photographed a real OSH store interior in Torrance, CA on a Canon 5D MK III that we had printed onto a 10 X 30 photo backing to be placed inside of the glass store front doors, which was back lit to complete the illusion of store depth. It took quite an extended location scout to find the right house design, in the right neighborhood facing the correct direction with the “West Coast” look we were going after.

The spots were photographed on an Arri Alexa Plus camera with Arri Ultra Prime lenses from Otto Nemenz Intl. The spots were produced by Jeff Miller of Vineyard Productions. Sam Osselaer, Vice-President of Marketing for ORCHARD Supply Hardware was the Executive Producer. The editor was Jack Barrett (Urban Legend Productions) and the color grade was done with Jeff Tillotson at LightPress, in their Quantel IQ Pablo theater in Seattle.

Vimeo Link: http://vimeo.com/66507614

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