Alexa Captures New Overstock.Com Spots


We decided on the Arri Alexa for the new Overstock.Com campaign for several reasons… the biggest reason was obviously the cinematic quality of the image… but another big factor was the workflow… being able to capture 4444 Log C ProRes files on SxS Cards, without having to use Uncompressed ArriRaw and an external recorder. Recording to SxS can capture the full sensor quantization in 12 bit logarithmic encoding with the same range of colors available in ARRIAW. Images recorded using a 444 codec are almost indistinguishable from uncompressed HD material. This makes SxS recording attractive when Uncompressed ArriRaw recorded to an external recorder is not an option. We made our decision based on the strength of the 4444 Codec + LogC on the SxS cards due to the volume of material we were capturing, which allowed us to go this other route. The only other advantage of ArriRaw Uncompressed recording is that you can record in the 2880 x 1620 format to allow for extra image area to play with, but we really didn’t need that, as we were tightly story-boarded with the various versions for all the spots, and knew what we were after.

Having used the Arri D-21 as well as the Alexa, the quality in my mind was already established. The images the Arri digital cameras do create a very cinematic look, and the intuitive ease of operation allows me to concentrate on the images, not the camera. (And I love being able to see the extra area outside of the frame in the viewfinder).

Arri Alexia
Cooke S4 Primes / Arri Ultra Primes
Angenieux Optimo DP 16-42mm & 30-80mm Zoom Lenses

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