16 X 9 Super 8mm ?

Prepping to shoot a new spot on not just Super 8mm… but Super 8mm with a 16 X 9 gate! Pretty great stuff. Pro8mm in Burbank is supplying the gear, Kodak Super 8mm film stocks, processing and transfer, as they are the only lab / transfer house that is able to transfer the 16 X 9 gate version of Super 8mm. They have all of the same Kodak film stocks that they have for 35mm film plus reversal film.

Jeff Tillotson of Lightpress will do the final color on the finished spots. More info coming.

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2 thoughts on “16 X 9 Super 8mm ?

  1. Jeremy H. on said:

    Matt, What do you look to get out of shooting on Super 8mm vs other formats?

  2. Basically the look and feel of film, which still transports the viewer more easily to a “different world” but also in this upcoming piece to create the look of the past by using the “sight queues” of the 8mm format, i.e., lower resolution and a less stabilized image gate, as well as the unique feel of shooting with a small lightweight camera.

    We tested DSLR (with post looks to try and re-create this look) and thought about 16mm film (Super 16mm looks too good these days on television)… so in the end, nothing looked as cool as Super 8mm… and nothing will create the mood and feel that we are going after as well… especially since you can new use all of Kodak’s current color negative stocks and the high transfer quality available these days… so much more control is available now with the format. (Also Pro8mm has the Max 8 format with a 16 X 9 gate which moves the format into todays world).

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