Foundation For A Better Life “Concert” Spot with Lang Lang

Shooting a spot for Chinese television, the same spot that we shot for the US market a couple of years ago, was an interesting experience. One of the most popular FBL spots to date, “Concert” gave us the chance to improve on an already great spot… and to shoot this version in China at the Shanghai Concert Hall with international music sensation, Lang Lang, was a great experience. (An English version of the spot will run on the CNN International Network).

Lang Lang, who infused this version with a new energy for this emerging market, is a very popular performer in China as well as worldwide, and he has stated his mission is to share classical music around the world, with an emphasis on training children and young musicians through education. To that note, he launched the Lang Lang International Music Foundation in New York with the support of the Grammy’s and UNICEF. The Lang Lang International Music Foundation was created to enrich the lives of children through a deeper understanding and enjoyment of classical music and to inspire and financially support the next generation of musicians.

This “value” seems like a pretty good match for The Foundation For A Better Life which states its mission as:

The Foundation for a Better Life creates public service campaigns to communicate the values that make a difference in our communities – values such as honesty, caring, optimism, hard work, and helping others. These messages, communicated utilizing television, theatres, billboards, radio, internet, etc., model the benefits of a life lived by positive values. The Foundation encourages others to step up to a higher level and then to pass on those positive values they have learned. These seemingly small examples of individuals living values-based lives may not change the world, but collectively they will make a difference. And in the process help make the world a better place for everyone. After all, developing values and then passing them on to others is The Foundation for a Better Life.

Lang Lang:
The Lang Lang International Music Foundation:
The Foundation For A Better Life:

Producer: Gary Dixon
Director: Grant Baird / Island Films
Director of Photography: Matthew Williams
Chinese Production Partner: Gung Ho Films / Michael McDermott
Post Production: PixelBox / Hong Kong
Editor: Nick Diss
Colorist: Thomas Bouffioulx

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One thought on “Foundation For A Better Life “Concert” Spot with Lang Lang

  1. I would like to say thank you for your dedicated work in not only creating a beautiful PSA but also for being part of an organization that is actively working to make the days even better.
    -Kudos! Looking forward to any new PSAs, etc.

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