Foundation For A Better Life in China

We are heading to China next week to start production on the 1st Foundation For A Better Life spot to air on Chinese television. The spot tilted, “Concert” will feature China’s music sensation, Lang Lang, illustrating the value of “Encouragement.”

While the spot is going to be reproduced exactly as the popular American version was created, the difference this time will be that we will be shooting with the RED ONE instead of 35mm film as we did on the original. Luckily the camera rental house in China has the new Mysterium sensor upgrades in their cameras, so we will be able to have the benefit of the new sensor with lower light capabilities and less noise, so I am happy about that, but it is always a challenge to shoot digital looking directly into lights as we can easily do with film. 35mm film was really one of the key components in the look of the original spot and it will be interesting to have the exact same spot shot (basically) in both formats when we are done. This goes way beyond the usual testing where you usually set up the best situation to shoot tests, as it is never the same as working on the real thing… so this will be interesting.

The concert hall we will be using is different that the one we used before, so we have some challenges there as well. This new location, is much lighter in color, and controlling the light will be a little tougher, but we are already working on ways to overcome that limitation. Luckily I am able to have my one of my key crew members, gaffer Dennis Peterson there to help manage the cross-cultural differences in lighting and equipment.

I am planning on updating this blog as much as I can during the production, so stay tuned to see what we come up with and hopefully down the road I can post both spots and compare the differences.

The Foundation For A Better Life
Director: Grant Baird | Island Films
Chinese Production Co: Gung Ho Films

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