Digital Cinema Camera Test

For the last 2 days, I have been testing both the Sony F-35 and the Arri D-21 cameras both in daylight int/ext and night interiors. Assisting us was Dhanendra Patel from Sony and Stephan Ukas-Bradley from Arri. There were definitely some differences between the cameras, not only in their approach to the process of recording high-end digital cinema images, as well as physical operating differences with the Arri D-21 having an optical viewfinder and the Sony F-35 having an electronic viewfinder, along with the Arri having a rotating mechanical shutter and the Sony with an electronic shutter. The Arri ASA rating was 200 and the Sony’s was around 640. The Sony’s recording was, Cine Mode, S-Log 4:4:4, with the Arri recording Arri RAW to the S.two OB1 Solid State Data Recorder. We will go into color timing next week to see the results, and see them both projected on the big screen, so I’m assuming I’ll have some interesting observations after we see the tests, as I’ve shot with almost every camera out there.

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