“Concert” The Foundation For A Better Life

Director Grant Baird and I have worked on a few projects together but until last year I never had the chance to work with him on one of the “The Foundation For A Better Life” campaigns that he has directed since their inception several years ago. (I actually had to turn down the call a few years ago, and it was difficult, and that spot turned out really nice… I just didn’t shoot it!) So this time I was available and I’m really glad.

We did 5 spots overall, and “Concert” was one of my favorites. As FBL says about themselves, “In this day and age, it can be hard to believe an organization’s only goal is to encourage others to do good—but that really is why we exist.”

For more information, visit… http://www.values.com/

35mm Film
Director: Grant Baird

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One thought on ““Concert” The Foundation For A Better Life

  1. I love this one! We all need a little dose of encouragement no matter what our age. I’ll try to “pass it on” at every opportunity! Thanks!

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